Universal A Style Plotter Pen


Universal “A” Style DPP Plotter Pens Adaptor Sleeve Required

  • DPP – Disposable Plotter Pens
  • Color Variety Available
  • Tip-Size Variety
  • 4 Pens per Package

6410 – $29.50/pkg of 4

6610 – $31.50/pkg of 4

6810 – $69.50/pkg of 4

6910 – $113.50/pkg of 4

Other sizes/colors may be available – Call us!

PDF DPP Plotter Pen Instructions


Universal “A” Adaptor Sleeves

Universal “A” Adaptor Sleeves for 6410, 6610, 6810, 6910 Pens


Universal A Style Plotter Pens

Archival Dpp (Disposable Plotter Pen) (Rapidoplot Chroma-Glide®) Adaptor Sleeve Required

Universal A Style Plotter Pen contains permanent inks meeting government standards for archiving.  Offering the highest quality plots using Fiber-Tip, Rollerball, Stainless Steel, or Jewel-Tip.

Universal A Style Plotter Pen are disposable, yet offer the same high quality plots without the maintenance of a refillable.  The Universal A Style DPP is a 2-part system comprising the nib and a pre-filled ink cartridge.  Also, different styles of ink cartridges are available to enable the DPP to work on all of the major plotters.  In addition to these styles, a separate adapting sleeve is required for this style to fit these pens.

Universal A Style Plotter Pens offer two versions of this pen for paper and vellum, or for drafting film.  These two versions have different types of ink and point materials to suit each of the different media.  Both types of ink contain permanent, pigmented systems that conform to standards for archiving.

Design, engineering, architectural plots, final presentation plots, archival plots, reproducible plots, high-quality business presentation plots.
Primary Media:
Film Version: Drafting Film (backorders can take 2-6 weeks)
Paper Version: Vellum, bond, chart, general purpose papers.

Other Media: 
Matte chart paper.
Operating Conditions:
Plotting Speed: All Universal pens work at the same speed and down pressure settings.

Best choice for highest quality plots, without mess or maintenance.
Ink Characteristics:

  • Opacity (black ink): 85% Paper  95% Film
  • Copier and Diazo reproduction: Good
  • Wet-rub resistance: Good
  • Fade resistance: Excellent
  • Call for other color options

Required Sleeves: 7153SLV for HP, HI, Mutoh, 7155SLV for Bruning Zeta, Graphtec, 7164SLV for CalComp

Part Numbers:

  • 6410-01F, 6410-02F, 6410-03F, 6410-04F, 6410-0AF
  • 6410-01B, 6410-02B, 6410-03B, 6410-04B, 6610-01F
  • 6610-02F, 6610-03F, 6610-04F, 6610-0AF, 6810-01E
  • 6810-02E, 6810-03E, 6810-04E, 6810-01F, 6810-02F
  • 6810-03F, 6810-04F, 6810-05F, 6810-07F, 6810-08F
  • 6810-09F, 6810-0MF, 6810-01M, 6810-01B, 6910-51E (Discontinued)
  • 6910-52E, 6910-53E, 6910-54E, 6910-51F, 6910-52F (Discontinued)
  • 6910-53F, 6910-54F, 6910-51B, 6910-52B, 6910-53B, 6910-54B (Discontinued)

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 x 3 x 1.5 in
Tip Type

Fiber-Tip, Rollerball, Stainless Steel for Paper/Vellum, Jewel Tip for Film/Mylar

Tip Size

.25mm Extra Fine, .30mm Fine, .35mm Fine, .50mm Medium, .70mm Broad

Ink Color

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Lt. Blue, Orange, Brown, Magenta, Violet, Combo BLK, BLUE, GRN, RED


Allen Datagraph Plotamatic 927, 928, Alphamerics Alphaplot, Custom Series, SD Series, Aritma 0512, Arvanius AR7550, Enter Computer SP1000, SP1200, SP1800, SP2800, SP4810, SP4820, SP4830, Typ-Setter V, GE Calma DDM7580, Gerber Scientific 060, 065, 070, Gould 6680, GTCO Autoplot, HP 7550A, 7550B, 7570 Draftpro, 7580A, 7585A, 7585B, 7586A, 7595B, 7596A, 7596B, 7599A, Draftmaster I, II, MX, RX, SX, Draftpro DXL (7575A), Draftpro EXL (7576A) Hitachi Seiko Comgraph R440, R620, R880, HI Image Maker, IBM 6182, 6184, 6186, 638X, 7374, 7375, Ioline LP3500, LP3700, LP4000, LP7200, Juki 450, PL411, Linseis (most models) Max NP304 or 406, Mechatronika P420, P841, Mimaki, Mutoh IP-100, National VP-6803, Optical Computer Inc 927, 928, Panasonic Industrial VP-6804, Peripheral Equipment PIF-01/03/04, Rika Denki (RDK) RY-1002, RY-1003, RY-1103, RY-110M, RY-1203, RY-5300, SP2500, SP2800, Roland DG DXY-101, DXY-800, 880, 885, 980, 990, Sekonic SPL 1000, 880, 600, SPL800, Siemens 9009-30, Soltec RY-1003, RY-10MZ, RY-1MZ, RY-5200, Tracal Ltd. Map 6436, United Innovations G1/G2, UT, Mural 7000, 8000, 9000, Yokogawa Graphmate II, Graphwriter, PL1000, PL2000


Bruning Zeta 600, 650, 675, Graphtec Series FC2000, etc


Applicon AP445x, Calcomp 103x, 1051,1055, 1073, 1075, 1076C, 1077, 1136, 945, 960, 965, 970, GE Calma DDM960

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