OF9 Woodstain Touch-Up Marker Set of 9


OF9 Chartpak Furniture Marker Set of 9 Pens

Colors Include:

  • Harbor Oak
  • Landmark Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Royale Walnut
  • Richleigh Walnut
  • Natural Cherry
  • Brilliant Cherry
  • Black
  • Colorless Blender

Available on backorder

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Furniture Touch-up Markers! chartpak brand logo

Chartpak® Markers can cover scratches, dings and chips on wood or wood laminates permanently with these special markers.  Create fine, medium or broad strokes with the unique replaceable Tri-Nib to achieve just the coverage you need.  A clear acetate palette sheet is included for mixing marker colors for a true match.  The Blender can be used to mix and remove colors while still damp.

The set includes:

  • Landmark Oak OF138
  • Harbor Oak OF70
  • Dark Oak OF58
  • Natural Cherry OF148
  • Brilliant Cherry OF148
  • Royale Walnut OF60
  • Richleigh Walnut OF54
  • Black OF99
  • Blender OF-0

Boxes of 6 of the same color are also available.

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