Available in:

  • 1/4 cases of 7 rolls each
  • Full case of 28 rolls each

10% Discount for 3 or more 28 roll cases purchased at one time



0400A NC/CNC Light Grey Paper Tape 4mil

Rolled Paper Tape 1″ Wide, 1000 foot, 2″ ID core

Used to command machine tools to machine parts on mills, lathes, sheet metal punch presses, water jet, routers, wire EDM, printed circuit board, and aerospace applications.  Paper Tape can be punched on all DSI models SRP3075, SP75, SRP750, NC2400, LRP300, GNT models 4601, 4604, 4606, Facit all models 4047, N4000, 4070, and all Fanuc or Remex models.

Do you need oiled or unoiled tape?
Oiled paper tape is recommended for Friden Flexowriters and ASR-33 or 4350AAA Teletypes to lubricate the punch pins. Unoiled paper tape is recommended for higher speed punches of today such as Facit, DSI, GNT, Remex, etc.

♦ Black paper tape is no longer available.  We have done extensive testing and found the light gray to function the same on equipment as the black, and does not cause the wear to the readers caused by the carbon in black tape.

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1/4 Case, Full Case

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