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Manual Drafting Film DM 4mil 868342


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Product Description

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Océ 868342

Manual Drafting Film DM 4mil 868342 has a polyester base, coated on both sides with a matte finish.  The drafting surface is ideal for pen plotting or hand drafting with ink or pencil.

Product Description

Océ Manual Drafting Film DM 4mil 868342 is a polyester film base with a matte surface on both sides.  The matte film is coated with an inkjet receptive layer on one side and a drafting surface on the other.  The inkjet coating is compatible with many monochrome and color inkjet printers.


  • 2″ Untaped Core
  • 125′, Cut Sheets available
  • Caliper – 4.0mil
  • Opacity – 56%
  • Smoothness
    • Inkjet side – 90
    • Drafting side – 40
  • pH – Not Acid Free
  • Target Values

Main Applications

Suitable for long term storage, diazo reprints, photographic reproduction or final prints in monochrome or color.  Pencil lines are moist erasable for minor revisions.
♦Compatible with most pens and inks.  Works best with Easyplot®, Fiber-Tip, and Roller ball pens.

PDF Specification Sheet for more information

Film Double Matte 4mil 868342 Spec Sheet

Part Number:

  • 8683420044
  • 8683420039
  • 8683420003
  • 8683420020

Additional Information


24″ x 36″, 24″ x 125′, 30′ x 125′, 34″ x 125′, 36″ x 125′, 42″ x 125′, 44″ x 125′