Liquid Chrome Marker


Liquid Chrome™ Marker helps you to chrome up your hobby, cars, airplanes, art, and much more!



Liquid Chrome™ Marker

Chrome Your Hobby, Cars, Art & MORE!!

Chrome up your hobby cars, airplanes, arts, crafts and more with the Liquid Chrome™ Marker.  The fluid and consistent flow of the paint through the FlowMaster™ Valve system provides smooth lines.  Also, the varying tip sizes ensures ease of use even on fine work or broad sweeps for large coverage.  Drying to a mirror and high-gloss opaque finish imitates chrome finishes on your piece.  Moreover, the Liquid Chrome™ Marker provides a quick and easy way to add a chrome finish that looks like it was an original finish.

  • 3 Tip Sizes:
    • 1mm
    • 2mm
    • 4mm
  • Alcohol-based
  • Highly Pigmented Special Ink
  • High-Gloss Liquid Chrome
  • Highly Opaque
  • Permanent
  • Good UV Resistance
  • Limited Scratch & Abrasion-Proof
  • Highly Reflective Coating
  • Imitate Chrome on Models
  • Mirror Effect
  • Patented Capillary System
  • Consistent Paint Flow due to FLOWMASTER™ Valve
  • Pump to Start
  • Made in Germany
  • The 20 Years Edition










Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 1 x 1 in
Chrome Markers

Liquid Chrome™ Marker 1mm-6 Pens, Liquid Chrome™ Marker 2mm-6 Pens, Liquid Chrome™ Marker 4mm-6 Pens, Liquid Chrome™ Marker Set of 3 Pens (1 each size), Liquid Chrome™ Marker 1mm-1 Pen, Liquid Chrome™ Marker 2mm-1 Pen, Liquid Chrome™ Marker 4mm-1 Pen