Hewlett Packard Fiber-Tip Plotter Pen


Hewlett Packard Short Style Plotter Pens with Fiber-Tip for Paper/Vellum

Available in fine and broad tips

5 Pens per Package



Hewlett Packard Fiber-Tip Plotter Pen

Hewlett Packard Fiber-Tip Plotter Pen

Fiber-Tip Short Body Plotter Pen

Hewlett Packard Fiber-Tip Plotter Pen is a one-piece Fiber-Tip pen with a bonded fiber, or nylon plotting tip.  This pen produces the brightest looking graphs and charts.  It is also excellent for area-fill applications and the highest quality plots on overhead transparencies.  The fiber-tip is available in 2 line widths (which gradually widen during use), with up to 10 brilliant colors.  The ink can be used on either paper, vellum, or water-reactive overhead transparency film.

Business charts, presentation graphics, overhead transparencies, check plots.
Primary Media:
Chart or presentation graphics papers (glossy or matte), water-reactive overhead transparency film, general purpose plotting paper.
Other Media:
Bond paper, low cost Vellum and vellum/bond mixtures.
Operating Conditions:
Plotting Speed: 10 cm/sec. (overhead transparencies), 30 cm/sec. (paper)  Pen-Down Pressure: 18 grams

Note: Old HP numbers were 178xxP

6401-01F – Black .30mm

6401-02F – Blue .30mm

6401-03F – Green .30mm

6401-04F – Red .30mm

6401-05F – Yellow .30mm (Discontinued)

6401-07F – Turquoise .30mm (Discontinued)

6401-08F – Orange .30mm (Discontinued)

6401-09F – Brown .30mm Call

6401-0QF – Aqua .30mm Discontinued

6401-0VF – Violet .30mm Discontinued

6401-0RF – Red-Violet .30mm

6401-0AF – Combo Pack .30mm 1 each of: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow Discontinued

6401-0BF – Combo Pack  .30mm 1 each of: Black, Green, Aqua, Blue, Violet Discontinued

6401-0CF – Combo Pack .30mm 1 each of: Brown, Yellow, Orange, Red, Red-Violet Discontinued

6401-01B – Black .70mm Discontinued

6401-02B – Blue .70mm Discontinued

6401-03B – Green .70mm Discontinued

6401-04B – Red .70mm Discontinued

6401-05B – Yellow .70mm (Discontinued)

6401-07B – Turquoise .70mm (Discontinued)

6401-08B – Orange .70mm (Discontinued)

6401-09B – Brown .70mm Discontinued

6401-0QB – Aqua .70mm Discontinued

6401-0VB – Violet .70mm Discontinued

6401-0RB – Red-Violet .70mm Discontinued

6401-0AB – Combo Pack .70mm 1 each of: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow (Discontinued)

6401-0BF – Combo Pack .70mm 1 each of: Black, Green, Aqua, Blue, Violet Discontinued

6401-0CF – Combo Pack .70mm 1 each of: Brown, Yellow, Orange, Red, Red-Violet Discontinued


Rollerball Plotter Pen 6601 – No longer available, call for options.  6601-01F, 6601-02F, 6601-03F, 6601-04F – ALL DISCONTINUED

Part Numbers:

  • 6401-01F, 6401-02F, 6401-03F, 6401-04F
  • 6401-05F, 6401-08F, 6401-09F, 6401-0QF
  • 6401-0RF, 6401-0VF, 6401-0AF, 6401-0BF
  • 6401-0CF, 6401-01B, 6401-02B, 6401-03B
  • 6401-04B, 6401-05B, 6401-08B, 6401-09B
  • 6401-0QB, 6401-0RB, 6401-0VB, 6401-0AB
  • 6401-0BB, 6401-0CB

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 1 in
Machine Compatability

ALLEN DATAGRAPH PLOTAMATIC 927, 928, ALPHAMERICS Alphaplot I, II, Custom 3648, 3648C, 4860, 4866, 4866C, 4866CC, 4896, 4896C, 4896CC, 6600C, 6600CC, 6600P, 9600C, 9600CC, 9600P, SD2436, SD3648, ARITMA 0512, ARVANIUS AR7550, AT&T 435, CARTWRIGHT RESEARCH CORP GS-2000, COMPUTER HUMORDATA GENERAL 4435, DIGICON TDD43, DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORP. LVP-16, ED EDG2400, ENTER COMPUTER Encad SP600, SP1000, SP1200, SP1800, SP2800, SP4810, SP4820, SP4830, Sweet-P 600, Typ-Setter I, Typ-Setter V, GE CALMA DDM 7580, GERBER SCIENTIFIC 060, 065, 070, GOULD 6680, 6900, GREAT COMPUTER CORP (GCC) GX-3000, GTCO Autoplot, GUNSCH PL22/B, HEWLETT PACKARD 7090, 7220A, 7221A, 7225A, 7440 Colorpro, 7470A, 7475A, 7550A, 7550B, 7570 Draftpro, 7580A, 7585A, 7585B, 7586A, 7595A, 7595B, 7596A, 7596B, 7599A, 9872A, Draftmaster I, II, MX, RX, SX, Draftpro DXL (7575A),Draftpro EXL (7576A), HITACHI DENSHI HG-730, HITACHI SEIKO A300, A350,, Comgraph R440, Comgraph R620, Comgraph R880, HC-DS-R62, HOUSTON INSTRUMENT Image Maker, PC-1117, PC-695A, PC-795, IBM®/LEXMARK 6180, 6182, 6184, 6185, 6186, 6187, 7371, 7372, 7374, 7375 Color Plotters, IOLINE LP3500, LP3700, LP4000, LP7200, JUKI 450, PL411, LINSEIS LY1900PL, PLF1620, PLT16XX, LOGICAL LTG1000, MATSUSHITA VP-6803, MAX NP304 or 406, Mechatronika P420, P841, PR297, NBN PL450, MIMAKI MF-120, MF-220, MG-100, MG-110, MX-10, MX-11, MUTOH INDUSTRIES IP Series (also see Mutoh pens page), NATIONAL VP-6803, NBN PL450, NICOLET SPRINT OCE GRAPHICS/SCHLUMBERGER 1022, G10, OPTICAL COMPUTER INC. 927, 928, PANASONIC INDUSTRIAL VP-6803P, VP-6804, PENMAN PRODUCTSPERIPHERAL EQUIPMENT ENTERPRISE Picasso, PIF-01/03/04, PICOM (MIRWALD) MP4503, POLYVISION SP1800, PRAVETZ 6409C, RIKA DENKI (RDK)RY-1002, RY-1003, RY-1103, RY-110M, RY-1203, RY-5200, RY-5300, SP2500, SP2800, ROBOTRON RAISS CM6429, K6416, ROLAND DG DPX-2000, DPX-2200, DPX-2500, DPX-3000, DPX-3300, DPX-3500, DXY-101, DXY-800, DXY-880, DXY-885, DXY-980, DXY-990, DXY-1100, DXY-1200, DXY-1300, GRX-300AR, GRX-400AR, SKETCH MATE, SEIKO DENSHI GP-3300, SEKONIC SPL1000, SPL430, SPL450, SPL455, SPL880, SPL600, SPL800, SIEMENS 9009-30, 9009-40, SOLTEC RY-1003, RY-10MZ, RY-1MZ, RY-5200, SPL430, TAXAN KPL715, KPL720, KPL750, TRACAL LTD. Map 6436, UNITED INNOVATIONS G1/G2, Mural 7000, Mural 8000, Mural 9000, UT, YOKOGAWA Graphmate II, Graphwriter, PL1000, PL2000, ZPA-DUKIA VZ930, VZ935.

Tip Size

.30mm Fine, .70mm Broad

Ink Color

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Aqua, Red-Violet, Violet, Combo-0Ax (B,B,G,R,Y), Combo-0Bx (B,G,A,B,V), Combo-0Cx (B,Y,O,R,R-V)