FTM9 Picture Frame Touch-Up Marker Set of 9


FTM9 Chartpak Picture Frame Touch-up Marker Set of 9 Pens

BLENDABLE!  With the Colorless Blender!

The set includes:

  • Light Pine
  • Light Oak/Maple
  • Medium Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Medium Cherry
  • Dark Cherry
  • Red Mahogany
  • Walnut/Mahogany
  • Dark Walnut

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Picture Frame Touch-up Markers! by Chartpak®  chartpak brand logo

Cover join lines on new frames and chips and scratches on old.  Markers can cover scratches, dings and chips on wood or wood laminate frames permanently with these special markers.  Create fine, medium or broad strokes with the unique replaceable Tri-Nib to achieve just the coverage you need.

The Chartpak Picture Frame Touch-up Kit is available as a 9 color set in a handy reusable vinyl pouch or a set of 25 stored in our plastic marker caddy.

A clear acetate palette sheet can be used for mixing marker colors for a true match (not included).  The Blender pen (sold separately) can be used to mix and remove colors while still damp, then easily cleaned.

The set includes:

  • Light Pine FTM148
  • Light Oak/Maple FTM139
  • Medium Oak FTM70
  • Dark Oak FTM58
  • Medium Cherry FTM74
  • Dark Cherry FTM69
  • Red Mahogany FTM86
  • Walnut/Mahogany FTM60
  • Dark Walnut FTM54

Full boxes of 6 of the same color are also available.

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