Chartpak® Woodstain / Color Stain Markers

Single Wood Stain Markers by Chartpak® offers a variety of colors for all of your special touch ups and projects.

Purchase single pens and pay only $4.50 each.  When you buy 6 or more of the same marker number, save even more at $3.75ea.

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Woodstain and Color Stain Markers by Chartpak®chartpak brand logo

Chartpak® Woodstains (12 rich, natural shades), 20 brilliant color stains, and the splendid blender.   They contain rich, penetrating, and durable color.  Replaceable Tri-Nib for perfect control of line width.   With the no-streak formula customers receive even coverage.  In addition to touching-up dings & dents, the translucent finish highlights natural grain patterns.  Most noteworthy is the large barrel for maximum usage.

Blender Pen – Probably the most vital component for your maximum usage and benefits of the wood stain markers.  Being able to blend the right color prior to even touching your piece is crucial.  Furthermore, the clear acetate sheet we offer is the perfect solution to color match issues.  The clear sheet provides the surface to blend FIRST, like a painters pallet.  Use the blender pen to do the blending and application.  Follow the directions below for the best results:

  • First, select wood part/scratch/dent to work on
  • Second, place clear acetate sheet over spotblender-trinib-pen-300px_300px blender-pen-open-cap-300px_300px
  • Third, choose 2-3 wood tone markers that closely match your piece
  • Forth, use those pens to make marks on the sheet (squiggles, lines, or circles)
  • Fifth, take the blender pen to lift of the colors to blend (like a painter)
  • Finally, while still on the clear sheet, test your new blend over the scratch
  • If color doesn’t match, keep adding color (lighter or darker) till you get the closest match
  • Only AFTER you feel like you have the exact match (to your satisfaction); use the blender pen
  • DO NOT APPLY any color if the match is not correct.  It will not come off the natural wood once applied.  Thus the need for the clear sheet!
  • Clear sheet cleans up easily by coloring over it with the blender pen till all stain is off.  Simply dragging the blender pen across a paper towel cleans the pen.

In the list below, you will find different names for the colors, but the number matches in different categories.  It doesn’t matter about the color name, but the number of the marker.  Especially relevant is that the color base is the same across the numbers.  For instance, W54 – Richleigh Walnut is the same as FTM54 Dark Walnut, and OF54 Richleigh Walnut are all the same color.  Furthermore, when you order we are going by the number.


  • W46 – Bright Gold, W74 – Brilliant Cherry, W85 – Burgundy
  • W50 – Burnished Gold, W42 – Cadmium Yellow, W82 – Crimson, W69 – Dark Cherry
  • W58 – Dark Oak, W99 – Ebony, W20 – Evergreen, W148 – Fair Cherry / Pine
  • W90 – Garnet Red, W138 – Golden Maple, W70 – Harbor Oak, W105 – Ice Blue
  • W139 – Landmark Maple, W29 – Leaf Green, W86 – Mahogany Lustre
  • W6 – Prussian Blue, W54 – Richleigh Walnut, W60 – Royal Mahogany
  • W210 – Royal Purple, W160 – Salmon, W81 – Scarlet, W179 – Silver Blue
  • W226 – Silver Grey, WO – Splendid Blender (Colorless)
  • W5 – True Blue, W19 – Viridian Green


  • FTM99 – Black, FTM-O – Blender (Colorless), FTM42 – Cadmium Yellow, FTM82 – Crimson
  • FTM69 – Dark Cherry, FTM58 – Dark Oak, FTM54 – Dark Walnut, FTM20 – Evergreen
  • FTM122 – Grass Green, FTM105 – Ice Blue, FTM29 – Leaf Green, FTM139 – Light Oak / Maple
  • FTM148 – Light Pine, FTM85 – Maroon, FTM74 – Medium Cherry, FTM70 – Medium Oak
  • FTM6 – Prussian Blue, FTM86 – Red Mahogany, FTM160 – Salmon, FTM5 – True Blue
  • FTM60 – Walnut / Mahogany, FTM90 – Wine Red


  • OF99 – Black, OF-O – Blender (Colorless), OF74 – Brilliant Cherry, OF58 – Dark Oak
  • OF70 – Harbor Oak, OF138 – Landmark Oak, OF148 – Natural Cherry
  • OF54 – Richleigh Walnut, OF60 – Royal Walnut

Additional information

Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 1 x 1 in
Color/Part Number

Black, Ebony (W99, FTM99, OF99), Blue, Ice (W105, FTM105), Blue, Prussian (W6, FTM6), Blue, Silver (W179), Blue, True (W5, FTM5), Blender (W0, FTM0, OF-0), Cherry, Dark (W69), Cherry, Brilliant/Medium (W74, FTM74, OF9), Grey, Silver (W226), Green, Viridian (W19), Green, Evergreen (W20, FTM20), Green, Leaf (W29, FTM29), Gold, Bright (W46), Gold, Burnished (W50), Mahogany Lustre/Red (W86, FTM86), Maple, Golden (W138), Oak, Dark (W58), Oak, Harbor/Medium (W70, FTM70, OF70), Oak, Light/Maple (W139, FTM139), Pine, Fair & Natural Cherry/Lt Pine (W148, FTM148, OF148), Purple, Royal (W210), Red, Garnet/Wine (W90, FTM90), Red, Burgundy/Maroon (W85, FTM85), Red, Crimson (W82, FTM82), Red, Scarlet (W81), Salmon (W160, FTM160), Walnut, Richleigh/Dark (W54, FTM54, OF54), Walnut, Mahogany/Royal (W60, FTM60, W60), Yellow, Cadmium (W42, FTM42)

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