Calcomp Plotter Pens


Rapidoplot Archival DPP Disposable Plotter Pen for Paper/Vellum or Film/Mylar Direct Fit

64NDW – $69.50/pkg of 4

64MDW – 113.50/pkg of 4

Other sizes/colors may be available – Call us!

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Calcomp Plotter Pens

Calcomp Fiber-Tip Plotter Pen – Direct Fit

Calcomp Fiber-Tip Plotter Pens offer a one-piece pen with a bonded fiber, or nylon plotting tip.  This pen produces the brightest looking graphs and charts.  It is excellent for area-fill applications and the highest quality overhead transparencies.  The fiber-tip is available in 2 line widths (which gradually widen during use), and in up to 8 brilliant colors.  The ink can be used on either paper or water-reactive overhead transparency film.  Different style fiber-tip pens are available to fit the major plotter styles: Hewlett Packard, Houston Instruments, CalComp.
Business charts, presentation graphics, overhead transparencies, check plots.
Primary Media:
Chart or presentation graphics papers (glossy or matte), water-reactive overhead transparency film, general purpose plotting paper.
Other Media:
Bond plotter paper, low cost Vellum and vellum/bond mixtures.
Operating Conditions:
Plotting Speed: 10 cm/sec. (overhead transparencies), 30 cm/sec. (paper)
Pen-Down Pressure: 18 grams

*6406 and 6606 Rollerball Pens have been discontinued by the manufacturer

All pens are Koh-I-Noor® Rapidoplot®, or Archival Dpp®

Calcomp Rapidoplot Archival DPP Disposable Plotter Pen- Direct Fit

Contains permanent inks that meet government standards for archiving and the highest quality plots on paper, vellum or drafting film.
A disposable version of the pen offering high quality plots without the maintenance of the refillable.  The DPP is a dual system comprised of the nib and a pre-filled ink cartridge.  Nine styles of ink cartridge are available to enable the DPP to work on all of the major plotters.  Moreover, separate adapting sleeves are available to adapt to a broader range of plotters.

Two versions of this pen are available: for paper and vellum, or for drafting film.  These two versions offer different types of ink and point materials to suit each of the different media.  In addition, both types of ink are permanent, pigmented systems that conform to standards for archiving.  The paper version is available in 4 precision line widths and up to 8 colors.  The film version is available in up to 4 line widths and in ink colors: black, blue, red and green.

Design, engineering, architectural plots, final presentation plots, archival plots, reproducible plots, high-quality business presentation plots.
Primary Media:
Film Version: Drafting Film
Paper Version: Vellum, Bond, chart, general purpose papers.
Other Media:
Matte chart paper.
Operating Conditions:
Plotting Speed: 30 cm/sec. (paper), 40 cm/sec. (film)
Pen-Down Pressure: 18 grams
Best choice for highest quality plots, with no mess or maintenance required.
Ink Characteristics:
Opacity (black ink): 85% Paper  95% Film
Copier and Diazo reproduction: Good
Wet-rub resistance: Good
Fade resistance: Excellent

Part Numbers:

  • 6406-01F, 6406-02F, 6406-03F, 6406-04F, 6406-0AF (All 6406, 6606 pens are discontinued)
  • 64NDW-01E, 64NDW-02E, 64NDW-03E, 64NDW-04E
  • 64NDW-01F, 64NDW-02F, 64NDW-03F, 64NDW-04F
  • 64NDW-01M
  • 64NDW-01B
  • 64MDW-51E, 64MDW-51F, 64MDW-51M, 64MDW-51B

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Machine Compatability

For use on: CalComp 104x,104xGT, Artisan and Artisan Plus 102x, Pacesetter 20xx, Designmate 30xx, Classic 40xx. Also see other plotters below which use Universal "A" Adaptor Sleeves such as Applicon AP445x, Calcomp 103x, 1051, 1055, 1073, 1075, 1076C, 1077, 1136, 945, 960, 965, 970, GE Calma DDM960

Pen Type

Stainless Steel Tip for Paper/Vellum, Jewel Tip for Film/Mylar

Tip Type

.25mm Extra Fine, .35mm Fine, .50mm Medium, .70mm Broad

Ink Color

Black, Blue, Green, Red

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