63 Series Refillable Liquid Ink Plotter Pens


Refillable plotter pens are long lasting and the most cost effective
Pen Adaptor required

PDF Instructions for Refillable Pens

PDF Pen Cleaning Kit Instructions



Refillable Adaptor Sleeves for the 63 Series Plotter Pens. Ink and cleaning kit sold separately.


Refillable Liquid Ink Plotter Penskoh-i-noor_mod

Pen Adaptor required

  • 7101WOP – Universal
  • 7006WOP – Calcomp, Houston Instruments, Goerz
  • 7008WOP – Hewlett Packard  

This reusable system is designed to provide the highest quality plots.  Refillable pens are the longest lasting and the most cost effective plotting pens.  However, when properly cleaned and refilled on a daily basis the life is extended.  These pens can be used on many different papers, vellum, or drafting film.  Moreover, they provide the most exact and consistent plots in variable line widths.

The system is composed of 3 parts: the nib, the pen body/adaptor, and the ink.  First, the nib (or writing tip) has been designed for either paper (63SB), drafting film and paper (63TB).  Also, for high speed drafting on film need the V-Groove (63VTB).  Second, the pen body/adaptor will fit any of the 3 nib types to adapt the pen to the individual plotter.  Lastly, the ink is supplied in a separate bottle so that you have control over desired results.  Therefore, many different inks are available in order to customize the pen to the particular plotting application and media selected.  Furthermore, customers find that regular cleaning is crucial to the best performance of the nibs.  Finally, customers can either use an ultrasonic cleaner or our cleaning kit: 3068SYKT.


  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Architectural plots
  • Electric circuit board
  • Masks and drawings
  • Final presentation plots
  • Archival plots
  • Reproducible plots
  • High-quality business presentation plots.

Primary Media:
Film Version: Drafting Film or Mylar (63TB/63VTB)
Paper Version: Vellum, high quality bond papers.
Other Media: Bond paper, Matte chart paper, overhead transparencies (63VTB only).
Operating Conditions:
Plotting Speed: 30 cm/sec. (63SB/63TB), 60 cm/sec. (63VTB)  Pen-Down Pressure: 10 grams
Highest quality, longest lasting, most flexible pen system, but requires considerable experience and maintenance to achieve best results.

Part Numbers:

  • 63SB-4×0,  63SB-3×0, 63SB-00, 63SB-0, 63SB-1, 63SB-2, 63SB-2.5, 63SB-3, 63SB-3.5, 63SB-4
  • 63TB-6×0, 63TB-4×0, 63TB-3×0, 63TB-00, 63TB-0, 63TB-1, 63TB-2, 63TB-2.5, 63TB-3, 63TB-3.5, 63TB-4
  • 63VTB-6×0, 63VTB-3×0, 63VTB-00, 63VTB-0, 63VTB-1, 63VTB-2, 63VTB-2.5, 63VTB-3, 63VTB-3.5, 63VTB-4
  • Adaptors – 7101WOP, 7006WOP, 7008WOP
  • Cleaning Kits – 3068SYKT

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 x .25 x .25 in
Tip Type

Stainless Steel 63SB, Tungsten Carbide 63TB, Tungsten V-Groove 63VTB

Tip Size

.13mm, .18mm, .25mm, .30mm, .35mm, .50mm, .60mm, .70mm, .80mm, 1.00mm, 1.20mm

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