False Eyelash Container

Hot Trend in Fashion – False Eyelashes!

False eyelashes are quite the fashion trend and women really love them!  They come in individual lashes, full volume lashes, natural lashes, and long & short lashes.  For the application there are strip adhesive lashes, magnetic lashes, and professionally applied lash options.  As a result, all of these lash options need a false eyelash container.  Storing and exhibiting the luxurious lashes require a crystal clear display box.  In addition to having a nice display, they will stay fresh and clean until they are ready to be used.

As shown, the WG1110 is the perfect size (although other sizes are available for single or double lash sets) with a nice black base and clear lid.  In addition, foam inserts can also be fit inside for a perfect display option.  Furthermore, imprinting is available for style and your branding needs.  Get a sample false eyelash container today!

False Eyelash Container Picture
False Eyelash Container
False Eyelash Eye Picture
False Eyelash Eye


Creative Display and Protection for Products!

Foam Inserts

Foam Inserts are a great way to fill space inside the box while adding flair to your packaging!  It is important that your products stands out from your competitor.  In addition, all foams are anti-corrosive and can be sized and die cut to precisely cradle and protect your products.  In addition, many customers choose the pink foam for its cost effectiveness.  However, black is preferrable for its display qualities, variety of densities, and elegance.  Foams are available in 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ thickness.

Foam inserts provide cushion for lots of different items like:

  • Jewelryplastics_foam_colors
  • Animal calls
  • First-Aid kits
  • Cosmetics kits
  • Microchips
  • Electronic components
  • Scientific laboratories
  • Dental laboratories
  • Floppy & Zip diskettes
  • Sports card collections
  • Tie rider and lapel pins
  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Tooling
  • Circuits
  • Tool holders
  • Small parts
  • Beads & craft items
  • Small bottles
  • Gauges
  • Microfilm
  • Paper tape
  • Product samples

Benefits for using Foam Inserts

  • Pop of Color
  • Space filler
  • Nestle a product
  • Protection of a product
  • Pre-cut to your size box
  • You select thickness and color
  • Polyethylene Foam Standard
  • Other options: Ether or Antistatic Foam

Foam Options:

  • Precut Foam to fit this box is available in 1/8″ increments (1/8″ up to 1-1/2″).
  • Foam colors are: Black, Gray, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Dark Green, Blue, Yellow
  • Pink – Antistatic


Since our static dissipative foam is manufactured from polyethylene, pink is highly correlated with ESD protection.  Furthermore, it contains an additive that continually migrates to the surface of the foam.  This creates an anti-static layer that both dissipates electronic charges and repels dust.  In addition, some key characteristics are its long lifespan, uniform thickness and durability.

Also, our low density black conductive foam is manufactured from polyurethane.  It is non-corrosive, displays antistatic properties even in humid conditions and has an indefinite lifespan.  Especially relevant are the features that protect components from vibrations and physical shocks during handling.

Finally, both the medium density and high density black conductive foams are made using nitrogen gas.  Because of that, it renders them C.F.C. free and H.C.F.C. free.  Also, purity and anti-sloughing characteristics earn them a leading position in the electronics industry.  Both are non-corrosive and engineered specifically for use in electronics industries.

For more information about Plastic Containers that are available, click here:  https://www.wncsupply.com/product-category/plastic-containers/

For more information about Foam Inserts for containers, click here:  https://www.wncsupply.com/products/standard-foam-inserts/

Favorite Product Pick

Blender Pen by Chartpak®chartpak brand logo

Our favorite product for its clever blending ability!  Never again will you need to worry about putting the wrong stain color on your furniture.  Blend the color first!

Probably the most vital component for your maximum usage and benefits of the wood stain markers.  Being able to blend the right color prior to even touching your piece is crucial.  The clear acetate sheet we offer is the perfect solution to color match issues.  The clear sheet provides the surface to blend FIRST, like a painters pallet.  Use the blender pen to do the blending and application.  Follow the directions below for the best results:

  • Select wood part/scratch/dent to work on
  • Place clear acetate sheet over spotblender-trinib-pen-300px_300px blender-pen-open-cap-300px_300px
  • Choose 2-3 wood tone markers that closely match your piece
  • Use those pens to make marks on the sheet (squiggles, lines, or circles)
  • Next, take the blender pen to lift of the colors to blend (like a painter)
  • Then, while still on the clear sheet, test your new blend over the scratch
  • If color doesn’t match, keep adding color (lighter or darker) till you get the closest match
  • Only AFTER you feel like you have the exact match (to your satisfaction) then use the blender pen to apply your color to the wood
  • DO NOT APPLY any color if the match is not correct.  It will not come off the natural wood once applied.  Thus the need for the clear sheet!
  • Clear sheet cleans up easily by coloring over it with the blender pen till all stain is off.  Simply drag the blender pen across a paper towel to clean pen.

To see more, click here:  Wood Stain Marker Page

Welcome to our Newly Designed Site!

Welcome!  It has taken a while to get here, but we are up and running with the newly designed website.  We took our time to get it right.

Here are some features of the new site:

  • Enhanced usability (ease of use)
  • Better, more defined categories
  • New photos of products
  • Up-to-date spec sheets
  • Some reduced pricing
  • New products
  • Freight Collect option now included
  • Email subscription now available
  • Variety of payment options
  • Current PCI compliance certification
  • User log in available (making reorders simple)
  • Automatic system notifications (order confirmations, shipping/tracking)
  • Social Media Links
  • Much more…

Thanks for stopping by our new Blog.  Come back here for occasional sell down lists, upcoming discontinued products, new product announcements, and other important news.  Have a great day!


New WNC Website!

We’ve been waiting a long time for this moment – to bring you a better user experience when you shop with our company. We also hope that you’ll find the organization of product categories easier to navigate. We would love to hear your feedback, tell us what you all think!

Latest Product: Chartpak AD® Markers

Chartpak AD® Markers are outstanding when particularly brilliant colors and exceptional non-streaking, non-feathering qualities are desired. Blend, shade and color large surfaces with perfect, even coverage. AD Markers are ideal for every drawing use, from crisply articulated tight comps to architectural renderings to expressive art.

Not Just For Paper! While standard alcohol-based markers have their uses, Chartpak AD Markers – with their non-toxic, solvent-based formula – render unique and remarkable results on all sorts of surfaces. Try them on paper, vellum and art board… laminates, acrylics and ceramics… even natural materials such as eggshells and seashells. AD Markers are indeed “the tools your imagination will love”.

Guaranteed Fresh! Chartpak AD Markers are U.S.A.-made by people who care. You are assured of fresh, consistent color every time. At your fingertips are rich, sparkling colors in a palette of 130 permanent brights, pastels, grays and blacks. These are the markers you will choose to use for the color range, the large capacity barrel, the consistent, velvety lay-down, the Tri-Nib flick-of-your-wrist control and the legendary Chartpak quality.