False Eyelash Container

Hot Trend in Fashion – False Eyelashes!

False eyelashes are quite the fashion trend and women really love them!  They come in individual lashes, full volume lashes, natural lashes, and long & short lashes.  For the application there are strip adhesive lashes, magnetic lashes, and professionally applied lash options.  As a result, all of these lash options need a false eyelash container.  Storing and exhibiting the luxurious lashes require a crystal clear display box.  In addition to having a nice display, they will stay fresh and clean until they are ready to be used.

As shown, the WG1110 is the perfect size (although other sizes are available for single or double lash sets) with a nice black base and clear lid.  In addition, foam inserts can also be fit inside for a perfect display option.  Furthermore, imprinting is available for style and your branding needs.  Get a sample false eyelash container today!

False Eyelash Container Picture
False Eyelash Container
False Eyelash Eye Picture
False Eyelash Eye